Welcome to LivingSmart!
LivingSmart is Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management Strategies

If you have been thinking about making healthy choices that will enhance your life,
you've come to the right place.  You can make it a reality.
LivingSmart tools will help you reach your goals.


-- Tools to Help You Live Well and Live Safely --

Connections for Computer, Smartphone, Tablets
Health & Wellness Assessments
Questionnaires that inform you of anticipated needs for safe and healthy self-management in your own home and for your health care provider to monitor for conditions of chronic illness or disability.
Nutrition Guide & Meal Planning
Plan your daily menu of meals and snacks with the nutrient calculator that knows your daily needs for health.  Enjoy proven recipes from the database. Make a shopping list. Control weight. Increase energy. 
Activity - Exercise - Weight Control

Food Shopping - Inventory
With a Vitabot-generated shopping list, delivery services of your local grocer, food label and expiration tracker, pantry inventory manager you can be assured of food safety and quality.

Several scheduled notices are issued as reminders from your computer or handheld devices to assure fulfillment of responsibilities.
Home Management & Safety

Quality of Life


Here there will be short videos of: 1) Welcome by a person, 2) Demo of users in action with LS assets, 3) How to enroll, 4) The member user profile experience




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